Instacart + UJET

Instacart offers in-app support on a global scale with UJET.

lnstacart employs more than 1,000 support agents supervised by over a hundred managers across multiple sites around the world. The company recognized that in order to realize its goal of making grocery shopping effortless, the lnstacart Shopper app would need to provide a seamless experience so Shoppers could receive orders, browse shopping lists, and enable them to contact customer support. 

lnstacart had a goal to offer its Shoppers an entire shopping and support experience on mobile. Through its partnership with UJET, it was able to deploy voice and chat support in the Shopper app. Shoppers complete consumer orders and contact support without friction, all through lnstacart's branded Shopper app.

In this case study, see how with UJET, Instacart has:

  • Raised its SLA delivery rate by 23%
  • Decreased repeat calls by 5.6%
  • Reduced repeat contact by 4.6%

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