CX, Support, and Brand Loyalty for Gen Z and Millennials: New Research and Insights

In 2020, The Center for Generational Kinetics (CGK) surveyed more than 2000 Gen Z and Millennials and revealed an emphasis on the need for enterprises to connect more with these consumers across the board. Utilizing and understanding the strategy behind how Gen Z and Millennial advocates leverage technology as brand loyalists is key to driving outcomes for all industry leaders.

A few takeaways presented from the survey to keep in mind for these core consumers:

  • Both Gen Z and Millennials are in the market to spend in the near future
  • Gen Z prefer ease of use as an important CX factor
  • Cause based marketing and high quality are key drivers for brand loyalty
  • Reviews, word of mouth, and fair return policies provide reassurance
  • High need to incorporate CX across all channels as technology dependencies increase

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