How Today's Business Climate is Affecting Contact Center Transformation

In early 2021, we released the first two installments of survey results and from over 300 contact center professionals in 2020.  These results highlighted insights as to where the industry is heading, and how best to design a Contact-Center-as-a-Service (CCaaS) platform for digital and mobile natives. 

In case you missed them, Part I, Contact Center AI – 2020 Survey Report, narrows in on Practical AI applications, and Part II, Unified Customer Data for a Unified Customer Experience, focuses on the value contact center leaders place on a unified customer experience.

As a final installment, this third report sheds light on the acceleration of contact centers moving to the cloud to support a remote workforce. By doing so, leaders are building solid futures for their contact centers, and promoting a modernized experience for customers who demand seamless, frictionless experiences every day. 

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