Remote Agents are Here To Stay

Today’s workforce views remote and hybrid working environments as the new normal, and contact centers that can meet those expectations are attracting the best and brightest agents, supervisors, and administrators. When properly equipped, remote agents offer you greater flexibility and business continuity while better serving your customers.

“The transition into home office was really smooth, both for agents but also the team leaders. Just like before, they have access to all monitoring functions such as different dashboards and statistics. They have everything they need to ensure sufficient real-time management and therefore delivery across all areas.”Jessica VSupport Operations Manager

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Industry-leading Call Quality with UJET Resilient Voice & Automated Redundancy

Call quality and connectivity are top priorities for a distributed workforce. UJET offers your customers and remote agents industry leading MOS (call quality) with an average score of 4.4.

Within UJET every agent has a network strength indicator built right into the UJET interface. If the network signal isn’t strong enough the real-time indicator will notify the agent that the call quality will be impacted.

In addition to the network strength indicator, UJET Resilient Voice provides automated, instant redundancy for voice calls. Any calls that were dropped are automatically reconnected, and the network is instantly switched to a stable connection.

Keep company and customer
 data private and secure

Compliance, privacy, and security are top concerns for any contact center, and even more so when remote and hybrid workforces are involved.

UJET offers the industry’s most secure cloud contact center platform, built from the ground up with privacy in mind. No personally identifiable information is stored in the platform. Instead, all customer interaction data is stored in and read from your existing CRM via the industry’s first and only real-time data exchange.

Our commitment to security has led us to qualify for the most rigorous and trusted security standards around the world.

A Single Source of Truth for your Customer Data

One of the biggest challenges contact center agents face is quickly and easily gaining a holistic view of your customer and the issue at hand.

UJET empowers remote and in-office agents by eliminating the number of tools needed to better serve your customers. By unifying all customer data in the CRM, UJET offers a more holistic view of historical and real-time context that informs routing, automation, and personalized journey orchestration.

With a unified customer record across sales, marketing, and support, you can deliver a seamless experience for both the remote agent and your customer.

Streamline Interactions with Mobile-first CX

More than 80% of the interactions your remote agents handle will originate from a smartphone. With UJET, you can tap into the power of the smartphone to seamlessly blend channels and deliver more natural, contextual, and fluid interactions.

Agents can prompt customers to share media like photos and video as appropriate, and even authenticate their identity all within your existing mobile or in-app experience. UJET automatically saves all data and files to the CRM record in real-time.

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Manage your distributed workforce with
WFO and WEM leaders

Whether you have a remote or hybrid workforce, world-class customer service always begins with effective employee engagement. Combine UJET with your choice of best-in-class Workforce Optimization providers to more effectively manage schedules, workload, compliance, and quality management. The overall goal is to improve agent experience, which ultimately improves overall customer satisfaction.