Intelligent Workforce Platform. Leader in Contact Center excellence. Fueled by AI

Solution Overview:

Observe.AI Intelligent Workforce Platform transforms contact centers by embedding AI into 100% of customer conversations, optimizing agent performance, and automating repeatable processes that drive revenue and retention. 

With Observe.AI, contact centers can surface intelligence across every interaction, giving employees highly accurate, actionable feedback using baked-in coaching and evaluation workflows, and improve key business metrics across every customer touchpoint.

We are a force-multiplier for your business, because we help people do their jobs better while connecting CC performance to business outcomes like Revenue Generation, Operational Efficiency, CX & Retention, and Compliance

With the Observe.AI Intelligent Workforce platform, you: 

  • Gain 100% visibility into customer interactions and agent performance to fastrack business impact
  • Elevate your contact centers to drivers of business growth with automated workflows, data-driven actionable feedback loops, and omnichannel support.
  • Access best-in-class AI engine to analyze, dissect and evaluate 100% of conversations on voice and chat. 
  • Build 5X faster QA workflows, coaching reports giving you a holistic line of sight into team performance to level up agents into top performers.
  • Track how conversations are performing on key metrics that matter to your business. Our APIs, integrations, dashboards, and CSV exports give you flexibility in how you handle your data.

Embedded QA & Coaching workflows on a single platform: Easy to build and automate workflows that drive efficiency. Optimize QA & Coaching workflows by automating repeatable tasks. Evaluate agent performance 5X faster while delivering contextual feedback that drives meaningful behavior change.

Actionable insights powered by reliable AI tailored for your business: Observe.AI uses Conversation Intelligence to automatically record, transcribe, and analyze 100% of calls and chat transcripts. Easily organize and categorize conversations with Moments, a powerful feature that helps you identify, track, and act on insights that drive business results.

Industry-leading data visibility and integrity: Observe.AI’s industry-leading transcription accuracy ensures operators are making decisions off the most precise data possible. Make business-improving decisions with reporting on customer conversations, agent performance, and critical contact center metrics.

Use Cases

Drive operational efficiency at scale
Achieve higher output in less time, reduce overhead costs, and uplevel your team’s work on a platform that automates and streamlines contact center processes. Observe.AI’s best-in-class AI engine coupled with purpose-built workflows minimize manual tasks, reduce headcount needs, and help contact center agents achieve exceptional levels of performance.

Retain more satisfied customers
Gain complete visibility across customer conversations by automatically drawing insights from 100% of interactions. Improve the way agents connect with customers through a complete line of sight on evaluations along with situational context to drive personalized coaching sessions at scale.

Fuel revenue growth
Increase high-volume, transactional sales performance while setting a strong foundation for scale. Observe.AI optimizes every step of the sales process by arming agents with coaching and feedback loops to drive engagement aligned with best practices and increase one-call closes. The platform’s AI engine surfaces business-improving insights using sentiment, intent, and emotion analysis, further driving conversions and new bookings.

Expertly manage compliance and risk
Meet compliance standards, reduce fraudulent activity, and keep customer data secure at all times. Observe.AI enables businesses to enforce script adherence and disclosure statements, minimizes the risk of fraud by calling out anomalies, and automatically redacts sensitive information from text transcripts.