Turn Your Agents into AI-Powered Super Agents

Use Conversational AI to Help Your Agents Deliver Exceptional CX at Lightning Speed

UJET’s Agent Assist is driven by conversational AI technology to help the agent deliver the best possible customer experience. The virtual agent can assist a live agent with AI-driven recommendations, real-time sentiment analysis, and by surfacing useful articles and FAQ answers to help live agents quickly serve customers.

Use Agent Assist to automate agents’ busywork by transcribing calls in real-time and even summarizing conversations to improve agent productivity, inform future agents working on the account, and improve the overall customer experience.

Smart Reply

Reduce reply time by suggesting chat responses for the agent using conversation context.

Smart Compose

Reduce reply time by auto-completion of live chat responses using conversation context.

Knowledge Assist

Improve customer experience by surfacing useful articles and FAQ answers that help agents serve the customer.

Sentiment Analysis

Ensure you’re delivering the best customer service by analyzing the real-time customer sentiment.

Virtual Agent Assist

Reduce handle time by providing turn-by-turn guidance on the conversation flow based on customer intent.

Live Transcription

Eliminate customer repetition by transcribing calls in real-time for reference during the call or for analysis after the call.


Reduce ACW with auto summaries of the voice or chat conversation post-interaction.

Increase Agent Productivity

Improve your agent productivity by more than 25% with the help of UJET Agent Assist. Smart Reply and Smart Compose reduce the time required to reply to customer emails, while Knowledge Assist reduces the time spent looking for answers to customer questions. Summarization and Virtual Agent Assist handle the post-call busywork so your agents can get back to doing what they do best: focusing on your customers.

Improve Customer and Agent Satisfaction

Increase your customer satisfaction (CSAT) by 10% or more with quicker response times and solutions that are driven by AI. Leverage Virtual Agent Assist to get smart suggestions for resolving tickets, and use Knowledge Assist to surface relevant content and FAQs that can help agents and customers find answers faster.