Turn Customer Data into Actionable Insights

Get real-time visibility into customer satisfaction and agent performance with UJET’s powerful advanced reporting features. Turn customer interactions on every channel into useful insights to inform key business decisions, identify trends and issues as they arise, and help your agents provide better customer experiences.

Create Greater Visibility into Customer Satisfaction

Give your agents, supervisors, and executives the actionable insights they need to better serve your customers with customizable dashboards that display agent metrics and progress toward company goals. Create your own custom views or choose from one of the many pre-built UJET reports and dashboards depending on the data you want to see.

  • Set individual and team performance objectives that align with company goals
  • Track progress toward goals from the executive team down to the individual agent
  • Subscribe to dashboards for easy access and allow sharing for greater team synchronization

Make Smarter Decisions at Every Level

Transform your customer data into a runway rather than a roadblock. UJET Advanced Reporting enables you to easily sort through the noise and consume only the data that helps you. Explore historical KPI performance and current performance in real-time, identify where pain points occur in your customer journey, and discover opportunities for coaching and growth.

  • Visualize performance at an agent, team, group, location, queue, and organizational level
  • Utilize Work Aid Modules to promote team learning and growth
  • Use Surveys to collect feedback and improve internal processes

“We used to have a different tool and it was much harder to pull out data. UJET has made everything easier and it helps us solve customer issues on a daily basis. I love the reporting tool since it gives you the option to customize your reports and get only the data you need.”

Juan Morales

G2 Customer Review

Real-Time and Historical Insights at Your Fingertips


Deliver real-time, continuous feedback to everyone who needs it.


Proactively correct problems as they arise and before they become larger issues.

Real-time and Historical Data

Unify real-time and historical data for performance reports.


Add pre-built and custom dashboards to your feed for easy visibility.


Enable your contact centers to broadcast live updates on monitors.