UJET for Business Process Outsourcing

Provide a Great Customer Experience from Anywhere in the World

Your clients demand a lot. But your clients' customers demand even more. You need BPO call center software that can deliver on their expectations, even as your operation continues to grow.

Securely Designed for Global BPO Contact Centers

UJET's unique flexible data storage options are designed to meet the needs of large-scale BPO contact center operations. UJET never stores personally identifiable information (PII). Instead, all conversational data is encrypted and transmitted to your CRM or data storage solution, which minimizes security risks and helps you meet local privacy requirements wherever your clients operate. Our dedicated Security and Privacy Team ensures that UJET maintains the world’s most stringent privacy standards and certifications, including HIPAA, SOC 1 Type II, SOC 2 Type II, vSOC 3, CSI Star, PCI, ISO 27001, EU-US Privacy Shield. 

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UJET is a full-service BPO contact center solution that enables business process outsourcing companies to provide quality customer support to businesses anywhere in the world.  Leveraging the inherent next-gen capabilities of smart devices - which over 80% of customers use when they contact companies - UJET powers outcome-focused conversations across all channels, and augments human empathy with contextual AI insights and guidance.

Reliable, Exceptional Call Quality – Guaranteed

UJET powers the world's largest elastic cloud contact center, scaling to support tens of thousands of agents. Our voice platform provides localized, low-latency voice experiences for every customer, regardless of where they (or your agents) are located.

With top reliability ratings, operating on UJET means you never need to worry about outages, downtime, and frustrating technical glitches. We know that call quality reflects on the quality of your BPO, so we make sure every call connects clearly. Our customers have enjoyed 99.95% uptime for the last 12 months, with no exceptions for maintenance windows or telco outages. We also offer low-latency audio that delivers exceptional call quality, no matter where your callers are located.

Next-Gen In-App Experience for Quick Resolutions

Get everything you would expect from traditional call center software, plus innovative features that improve operational efficiency and leave customers delighted.

UJET's Mobile SDKs seamlessly integrate into multiple apps and allows you to blend voice and in-app chat for intuitive conversations. Use UJET SmartActions to request text, images, payments, and video input—all while on the call—to gather the details you'll need for a quick resolution. Customers can verify themselves with biometric data such as Face ID or their fingerprint, and even enter a new payment method without needing to read their card details out loud. Visual and touch IVR navigation options help customers connect with agents quickly on the communication channel of their choice.

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Intelligently Optimized for Resolutions Instead of Repetition

Improve operational efficiency with smart routing that implements quickly and scales effortlessly. Route customers to the right agent, client team, or department based on historical account data and predicted customer intent. 

Automated ticket management tools and shortcuts let agents focus on connecting and resolving tickets rather than manually shuffling them around. All customer information is automatically collected, organized, and stored in your CRM for future reference. AI features like Agent Assist and UJET's Virtual Agent help agents work faster and decrease average handle time (AHT).

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UJET: A More Efficient BPO Contact Center

UJET can dramatically boost your company's contact center efficiency while enhancing customer outcomes. For example, Instacart reduced support resolution times by 30% overall, with an 18% SLA improvement for in-app voice and 23% for in-app chat.

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Leave Outdated BPO Call Centers Behind and Grow with CCaas 3.0

Are you tired of hearing about how omnichannel is the answer while your customers are still experiencing the same broken, disjointed service? We are too. Request a demo to see how UJET can help you transform your digital customer journey and design a truly seamless experience for both your agents and your guests.

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