Intelligence & Automation

Where Operational Efficiency meets Personalized CX

Personalized Routing

Combine historical customer data and real-time context to predict intent and inform routing for the best individual experience and outcome. Enable dynamic routing based on CRM data such as member status or previous sentiment score so your most important customers reach an agent quickly with minimal friction.

Virtual & Live Agent Bonding

First generation AI and chatbot support solutions can feel robotic and lack personalization.
UJET’s Virtual Agent supports intelligent conversational AI for a more natural human-like conversation across voice and messaging channels. Context and sentiment are analyzed in real-time for a more personalized experience while efficiently resolving customer issues and relayed when escalating to live agents as needed for a seamless handoff.

Automatic Ticket Management

Minimize your agents’ after-call-work (ACW) with UJET’s automatic ticket management capabilities. UJET takes on the task of creating, searching, and updating CRM records so Agents can move on to supporting the next customer, SLA targets can be met, and you have a clear audit trail of the customer journey.

“The softphone services are smooth and easy to use. I have used other types of softphones but none have come close to how easy it is to use UJET.”

Michelle M