Deliver Exceptional Customer Experiences with UJET Digital & Voice Channels

Poor customer experiences are driving your customers out the door. Your “omnichannel” contact center software isn’t delivering the seamless experience you were promised because traditional contact centers weren’t built for the way modern customers communicate. It’s time to upgrade to CCaaS 3.0.

Upgrade Your Omnichannel Call Center to CCaaS 3.0

Communicate as naturally with your customers as you would with friends and family – effortlessly blending channels and sharing pictures, videos, and voice calls depending on the situation. UJET features the industry’s only real-time data exchange for the CRM, so your agents have everything they need to know about the customer right in front of them.

Unlike first and second generation cloud-based contact center software, UJET delivers the same consistent experience regardless of which contact channel your customers use. Harness the full power of your customers’ smartphones, blend channels seamlessly, and enable your agents to request additional information, photos, and videos as needed.

UJET Digital & Voice Channels


Improve your customer experience, reduce operational costs, and shorten call times with UJET Voice. UJET supercharges voice conversations by allowing agents to request photos, videos, screenshots, and text input from the customer’s phone. Enjoy consistent, reliable service with over 99.95% uptime and localized, low latency audio quality anywhere in the world. UJET seamlessly integrates with your CRM, WFM, and QM platforms, so customer context is immediately presented to your agents when the call connects, reducing time to resolution and preventing your customers from needing to repeat themselves.

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Chat is an opportunity to give your customers a personalized, familiar live support experience. UJET makes chat feel more natural by offering a modern interface with all the features your customers expect. Embed live chat into your mobile app and website with our fully featured and well-documented software development kits (SDKs). Proactively engage customers at the right time and use web usage data and CRM data to route visitors to the right team. Plus, multilingual support with localized platform instances and local phone numbers offers global connections that feel local.

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SMS is one of the fastest-growing contact channels. Rather than switching customers between channels, start channel blending by using Voice + SMS together for more modern and natural conversations that combine the best of these two popular channels. Collect information over SMS while customers are on hold or send links to self-service and in-app screens while on the phone with them. Point customers in the right direction with deep-link sharing via SMS, which takes the customer directly to a specific page within your mobile app.

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FAQs About Contact Center Omnichannel Technology

What is an omnichannel contact center?

In theory, an omnichannel contact center features software that brings together a variety of contact channels into one unified platform for better customer management and smoother interactions. However, most customers and businesses agree that omnichannel has fallen short of its promise to deliver a more effortless, seamless experience.

In reality, most omnichannel software only offers more complexity, with Gartner reporting that 85% of organizations see fragmented customer engagement channels. The result is an inconsistent customer experience. The “omnichannel” approach isn’t sufficient for modern consumers, so we designed CCaaS 3.0.

What’s the difference between multichannel and omnichannel call centers?

Multichannel call centers support various contact channels (such as voice, email, chat, and social media), but they keep all these interactions separate. If a customer contacted you on three different channels, they would create three individual tickets, which might each get answered by different agents. Omnichannel, or CCaaS 2.0, was supposed to bridge that gap to prevent repetition across channels and allow customers to choose the contact channel that works best for them at the moment. However, these omnichannel contact centers only unified the experience from the agents’ perspective and failed to do so for end customers.

CCaaS 3.0 is the next evolution of the contact center. UJET transcends omnichannel to deliver a seamless experience for both customers and agents through innovative technology that takes advantage of the smartphone. Our digital-first design creates a modern experience for your customers.