Email Support Services for Your Customers

While consumers widely use Calls and Chat channels for support requests, many consumers and companies prefer Email communications for customer support. Email channels provide asynchronous communications and 24/7 flexibility. Companies also like the cost advantage an email support service offers from an operational and maintenance perspective. 

Explore UJET's Powerful Email Channel

Connect With Your Customers Effortlessly  

UJET makes it easy for you to set up, manage, and deliver customer support through an email channel. Intelligently route incoming emails to support agents and link email threads to support tickets in your CRM. 

Manage Your Customer Support More Effectively with the Addition of Email

  • Ability to assign message priority at queue level for replies over new messages
  • Distinct queue structures mapped to unique email addresses
  • Messaging templates and auto-response for greater agent efficiency
  • Overdue timers for alerting on messages exceeding SLA
  • Supports integrations with existing IMAP/SMTP email services 

Email Channel Solution Delivery


  • Enable/disable the Email channel support for the tenant
  • Onboard and manage support email addresses
  • Create and manage Email support queues
  • Assign onboarded email addresses to Email support queues
  • Manage the global Email channel settings
  • Manage email routing logic and handling at the tenant level


  • Assign/remove human agents to Email support queues
  • Manage email routing logics and handling at the queue level
  • Monitor email support queues’ performance
  • Receive consumer emails in the Agent Adapter for Email
  • Assign support emails to agents


  • Receive consumer emails in the Agent Adapter for Email
  • Send response or new emails to consumers from Agent Adapter
  • Interact and update support status linked to the email in the integrated CRM
  • Assign or transfer support emails to other agents/supervisors
  • Monitor agent performance
"UJET saves a lot of time and hassle for me. I love having everything in one place and not having multiple tabs open at one time. It makes working efficient."Christopher RodriguezAgent