The World’s Most Advanced AI-Powered Contact Center

UJET’s AI-Powered Cloud Contact Center (CCaaS) represents a seismic shift in Contact Center operations, addressing long-standing design flaws and conventional thinking that have failed to evolve in parallel with the changing human interaction landscape.

“UJET shares our commitment to ensuring that support issues are being resolved with minimal touchpoints and in record time.”Kevin H.Vice President of EngineeringRead the case study

UJET transcends omnichannel to transform your customer experience

Blend channels for context

Blend voice and SMS messaging together to make hold times productive by gathering information and context for the agent before the conversation begins.
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Embed UJET into your mobile app to maximize CX

Provide a seamless experience for customers across channels from within your mobile app to stop customers from having to repeat themselves and to capture information from the smartphone for higher rates of first call resolution and lower handle times.
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Deliver more natural experiences

Allow customers to share photos, videos, screenshots, and text directly with agents in real-time to help agents see from the customer perspective and resolve issues faster.
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UJET integrates natively with the industry’s leading CRM platforms, and can even integrate with your custom or homegrown CRM for unmatched data unification and security.

Unify your customer data

Make your CRM the single source of truth and eliminate redundant data storage by natively reading and writing all customer data to the CRM.
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Use data for best-outcome routing

Leverage data from the CRM such as the contact record, account status, device information, and historical journey data to predict intent, make dynamic routing decisions, and contextualize each interaction before introducing an agent.

Reduce wrap-up through automation

By enabling automation throughout the agent experience, UJET not only records granular detail of the customer and their journey within the CRM record, but significantly reduces average handle time and after call work for the agent by eliminating the manual effort to create and update records.

“All the features and customizations of the UJET platform helped us become more responsive to our customer’s needs.”Torva WilliamsCustomer Success Manager, ByNextRead the case study

One size doesn’t fit all, that’s why UJET is flexible enough to fit any organization

Design great experiences without coding

Build, deploy, and iterate quickly by designing and optimizing the customer journey without the need for complex programming

Unify your brand experience

Deploy integrations and build engaging web and mobile experiences with rich software development kits

Optimize in real-time

Monitor performance and make dynamic changes to the IVR, queue settings, and routing logic for real-time optimization as your business needs change.