SuccessKPI provides four powerful modules to compliment Ujet in one platform. SuccessKPI offers a full BI layer to produce custom dashboards and reports, speech & text analytics in 31 languages using NLU and sentiment, a robust Quality Management solution and Playbooks which automate actions based on interaction outcomes.

Solution Overview:

Modern contact center analytics requires integrating detailed and complex information across diverse channels, platforms, and domains. SuccessKPI provides a unified and comprehensive platform which combines these inputs with powerful, user-friendly interfaces and state-of-the-art AI and ML engines. Our business user experience provides work spaces where executives, analysts, agents, supervisors and administrators can collaborate on the same platform with ease. Our AI and ML engines transcribe speech, perform natural language understanding, decode sentiment, and take action so you can drive key business outcomes.

Our finely tuned roles-based access controls help you deploy profiles to simplify user access for novice users and to unleash full functionality for your more intrepid analysts. SuccessKPI integrates traditional call center analytics, next generation digital channel interactions, speech and text analytics, machine scoring, supervisor scorecards, and our innovative Playbook Builder™ outputs in a unified enterprise data warehouse. From here, your teams gain a complete 360-degree view powered by a rich business intelligence layer. Your team can perform data discovery, integrate third party data from hundreds of prebuilt adapters (e.g. Microsoft Dynamics,, ServiceNow), produce visualizations and analytic dashboards and take actions to drive to business outcomes. Our server-less pure SaaS architecture is globally deployed, operating in 10 languages with the ability to transcribe speech conversations in a dozen more.

Value Proposition:

  • Pure SaaS solution, activates in minutes
  • Seamless integration with Ujet platform
  • Secure – PCI, SOC II, HIPAA compliant
  • Automation of actions – know which interactions require attention through automation based on custom criteria that matter to your customer
  • 360 degree view of your operations – blend data from Ujet metadata/speech & text,/QM / 3rd party data