Calabrio One

Calabrio ONE is an intelligent, fully integrated cloud contact center workforce optimization suite.

Solution Overview:

Calabrio ONE gives you the complete toolset of Quality Management (QM), Workforce Management (WFM) and Analytics to unlock the tremendous value buried within your customer interaction data and use it to transform your entire business. One seamless solution combines a fully integrated workforce optimization suite with powerful voice-of-the-customer analytics tools deployed in the cloud.

Capture every customer interaction across all channels. Extract predictive and prescriptive insights. Elevate customer experiences, improve employee engagement and increase operational efficiency. Then, extend customer-centric strategies across the business to accelerate sales, drive innovation and move your business forward.

Value Proposition:

  • Create More Engaged Employees:
    Manage playback, live monitoring, evaluation, customer survey data and agent feedback from a single platform. Use pre-built evaluations or create highly customized scorecards tailored to business goals. Personalized dashboards provide supervisors with the data they need to manage their teams while giving agents the feedback they crave. Gamification leaderboards inspire healthy competition and motivate improvement.
  • Deliver Outstanding Omnichannel Customer Experiences:
    Seamlessly integrate Calabrio ONE with UJET and create a central command center for your cloud contact center, resulting in a unified and complete picture of your customer’s journey. Enable a customer-centric approach to goals and challenges across the business—from branding and marketing, to sales, to service delivery.
  • Unlock Transformational Business Insights:
    Advanced analytics tools deliver predictive and prescriptive insights to help you anticipate customer pain points. Convert unstructured customer interaction data into opportunities for improvement. Let the voice of the customer drive business strategies. Jump on your competitive advantages. Hone your marketing efforts. Capture every cross-sell and upsell opportunity. Anticipate customer desires and demands. Deliver intuitive, personalized experiences that delight, deepen loyalty and drive growth.