Enterprise-Grade Security Throughout the Communication Lifecycle

Make data protection a cornerstone of your business. Manage your compliance requirements for today and tomorrow while ensuring that both corporate and customer data is safe and secure.

Data Layers

Data Protection by Design

Enabling customers to meet data protection regulations across the globe.

Data Minimization and Customer Control

Empowering customers to manage their own data and where it is stored.

Assurance Through Maturity

Increase service security posture and protection by maintaining current compliance standards and achieving new certifications.

UJET is committed to the protection of data both in transit and at rest. We’ve completed numerous certifications, including:

PCI DSS compliant
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Proactive Compliance

Through our commitment to compliance, UJET has achieved multiple global, regional, and industry-specific compliance certifications. Reduce the risk of fines by ensuring your business is compliant with the current rules and regulations it needs to meet while simultaneously laying the foundation to achieve compliance in industries and areas which are targeted for growth.

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UJET processes your company’s customer information and transmits it to the company CRM. After this data is processed, UJET systems remove customer data except for the assigned end-user Contact ID and database ID. Once the customer support session is completed and the communication data is received in the CRM, the data is deleted.

UJET collects and processes your company’s customer information solely on behalf of and in accordance with its customers’ instructions and does not process this personal information for its own purposes.

UJET does not sell the personal information of its customers or prospective customers. UJET does not share data with third parties for the third parties’ independent business interests, including for their marketing purposes unless you ask UJET to do this or give UJET your consent to do this.

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Create a Competitive Advantage

Information sharing and the protection of personal data is more important than ever. Companies want to know their data is safe and customers want to be able to customize their experience and access their information whenever and wherever in compliance with regulatory requirements.

UJET helps make data protection a core pillar of your business. Showing your commitment to the safety and security of your customers, and your customer’s customers and can be a key differentiator in acquiring new business, retaining current customers, and positioning your company for long-term success.

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