Combating Customer Support Complaints

by Rosalee MacKinnon

As you’ve heard us say time and time again, today’s world is all about instant results. As consumers, speed trumps everything else and when that fails, we try to find the next best solution.

With an estimated $62 billion lost by U.S. companies each year following a bad customer support experience, it’s no wonder businesses are losing customers to the competition day in and day out. In order to better understand what they have to go through, we’ve laid out the top customer-centric complaints according to Call Center Week Digital to show how UJET, in turn, fixes these problems.

Wait Time (29%)

Waiting on the phone longer than we intended is a pastime of contacting customer support. Unsure of when we’ll reach someone to talk to, we waste countless minutes (or even hours) just to start the conversation.

With UJET, you now have the ability to schedule a callback at a precise time – not when you might hypothetically bubble up to the top of the queue, not in a 15 to 30 minute window – but exactly at the time which you selected, in between your meetings, before picking up your kids or after other important activities that should not be put on hold, to reach an agent. Additionally, the agent will already know your name and context of the issue when you answer.

Issue Recurrence (21%)

Often times, due to the lengthy wait time as well as the huge cognitive distance between the agent and the issue, problems are not resolved. For example, transactions or devices are reset in the hopes that the issue will resolve itself. If only life were that simple…

With UJET, agents have the ability to request photos, videos, screenshots, diagnostics packets, error logs and more, all in real-time, while you are on a call or chat with them. This provides all the background context that would otherwise be completely lost on a traditional phone call, chat or email conversation, thus ensuring that you receive a true resolution.

Agents Taking Too Long To Solve Problem (16%)

We’ve all been there – after a painfully long wait once we finally reach a support agent, it almost appears that the selections we made before waiting were a lost cause. We again have to go through the various steps of telling who we are, explaining the category of the issue, getting transferred to another agent, and then going through the process all over again.

With UJET, the agent already knows who you are and why you’re calling, prior to picking up the phone or chat. And whether you’re a new or premium customer, your last transaction provides information to the agent that in turn allows them to focus on solving the issue at hand (not read a script or fill out a form to first get to the crux of the matter).

Lack of agent expertise (16%)

Agents have a truly difficult and often thankless job. Products and services today are complex but the tools agents are provided have largely unchanged in the last decade or more. If agents aren’t equipped with the proper information and context, it’s impossible to expect an instant resolution.

Legacy systems often take more time to gather information which frustrates customers, and essentially only get visibility to part of the problem via the customer’s viewpoint. With products changing rapidly, the agents need to be updated in real time to give them a chance to solve the problem in a tense, pressured support conversation.

With UJET, our widget sits cleanly within your CRM for both voice or chat. No change in behavior from the agent’s standpoint and no need to manually enter any information, they then have more time to directly assess all the rich info the UJET platform brings in to directly attack the issue. With this in mind, agents can focus on the issue at hand and truly resolve your problem with our Smart Actions and various tools.


All in all, our goal here at UJET is to address these exact pain points by cutting edge technology. Its time support adopts all the updated smartphone centric abilities that power the products and services we use. Why leave support on outdated platforms when you refuse to let your product lag in that respect?

It’s time to realize that customers are sick of waiting, repeating themselves, having to contact support multiple times, and at the end of the day just want to resolve their problems easily. We don’t mark up our minutes, so our technology is not designed to make money by extending conversations. Our sole focus is to reduce the durations of the conversations and our meticulous attention to detail coupled with an outstanding team is how we do just that, allowing both your customers and agents to hang up happy.

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