How My Last Name Inspired Me To Start UJET

by Anand Janefalkar

Customer service – two words that represent the widest disconnect in how they are perceived.

On one hand, customer service is known to be critical for a business and directly affects the bottom line. On the other hand, it draws a largely negative bias.

Like everyone else, I too have had my fair share of frustrating exchanges with customer support, often exacerbated by the spelling of my unusual last name. In today’s world, having to spell out your name, email, or street address one letter at a time just seems wrong — especially when we can log into our apps using our fingerprint or deposit checks by snapping a photo.

When going to the support tab within the apps we use every day, why do they push us out of the app to an email, webpage, or worse, a dialer where we are pressing tones to find out our wait times? Not to mention once we’re connected and possibly transferred to a different agent, we find ourselves repeating our names and describing our issues over and over again.

That’s where UJET comes in. Our iOS or Android SDK sits right inside your app and provides pertinent customer information before the agent even answers a call or chat, thereby starting the conversation on a positive note. Add in the ability to verify users the same way they unlock their smartphones or share photos, videos, and screenshots all in real time, and the whole experience is transformed into a multimodal one.

I’ve always felt that troubleshooting over a voice call is like trying to find a needle in a haystack, blindfolded, with voice prompts.

A picture of the damaged package you received, a screenshot of an error within your app, a video of a fender bender… these all tell the story for your customer. Coupled with contextual information and error flags, UJET helps to instantly eliminate the cognitive distance between the agent and the issue, with the end result making for both happier agents and customers.

The way I see it, customer support needs to stop being a cost equation and more of an experience equation. Here at UJET, we imagine user journeys – whether it’s for the end customer, agent, or admin – with user experience at the forefront and not as an afterthought. That in turn enables companies running on UJET to have support as good as their product, service, and brand. And it just might help you get the spelling of your last name correct, too.

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