Using Personalized Experiences to Make Your Customer Service Team More Efficient

by UJET Team

When you truly know your customer, you’re better able to solve their problems and anticipate their needs. That’s why it’s important to give your team direct access to specific customer data.

Easily accessible customer information lets your team spend less time getting up to speed and more time building on these personal relationships.

Personalized experiences translate into a deeper knowledge of the customer’s specific needs, preferences, and their overall engagement with your product.

You can use these personalized experiences as the backbone for creating a more efficient customer service team as well—leverage high-level metrics like average call time, inbound volume, and wait times to predict trends and adjust scheduling and staffing to provide the experience your customers expect.

Easily accessible customer data leaves more time for real conversations

When customers reach out to your customer support team, they’re experiencing an issue or have a potentially complicated question. When your team is able to access customer interaction history, call notes, and account information they can bypass any repeat questions and move straight into the pressing conversation at hand. Streamlined interactions like this are the quickest path to a better customer experience.

Consider the amount of time it takes a customer to reach out a second time for the same problem. While one-touch resolution is the dream, it’s not always the reality. For your team to support this customer, they’ll need to know exactly what transpired in their previous call. When your agents have this information on file, as soon as the customer calls in, it gives them a way to get directly to the source of the problem and start working on a solution.

This not only streamlines your customer interactions, it can also help boost loyalty as well. Your customers are more likely to commit to your company when there is easily accessible information and personalization.


The Importance of Customer Service via Visually.

This increase in loyalty coupled with your team’s ability to solve customer problems effectively and efficiently helps maintain an ongoing relationship. This means that your agents can alleviate potential confusion and frustration faster—when a customer is generally happy, they’re more willing to weather difficult times.

With a contact center platform like UJET, you’re able to collect this information and make it accessible to any agent that takes the call.

Agent notes provide valuable context on customer health

While you can automatically collect a lot of great information on your customers, it’s important to include qualitative feedback from your team as well. Outside of the interaction history and channel preference stats you can track when a customer reaches out, your team should be in the habit of taking comprehensive notes on customer health, frustrations, and potential pain points.

This not only provides valuable insight for your leadership and product teams, it gives every member of the customer service team the context they need to approach each conversation the right way.


Let’s say you’re seeing an overall drop in the inbound contact volume of customers who have been with your company for 90 days. This could indicate a new level of comfort with the product, or it could be evidence of disengagement. When your team leaves comprehensive notes that comment on the health of a customer, it lets you know which of these issues has actually occurred.

These notes also help inform any subsequent interaction with the customer. Each agent will be able to provide the same level of support without having to ask unnecessary questions, which helps them craft a more personalized experience. The speed at which your team can provide these experiences is a big consideration for the customer—the ability to provide quick, contextual, and streamlined communication in every channel will help your team rise to the expectation of the customer.

Past customer behavior informs scheduling and staffing decisions

Tracking inbound volume for each different channel gives your team valuable insight into how best to meet the customer’s needs. Knowing what your customers prefer as well as what they expect will help you create better experiences for the customer as well as your team.

While it’s important to understand how issue urgency and complexity dictate the best support channel, you should also consider how each different customer utilizes these channels on their own. They might use the phone for more high-level strategy conversations while defaulting to live chat for quick one-off questions. Knowing these preferences helps ensure that your team is providing the best possible support at each point along the customer journey.


Customer service channel usage via SmartInsights.

If you’re not collecting data around customer preferences, it becomes impossible to know which channel is best suited for every conversation. Your team might struggle through a live chat when reaching out over the phone would be more effective.

You can also use this information to anticipate times of high inbound volume. That lets you schedule your team accordingly and, if volume continues to rise, know when to start looking for additional agents to join the team.

These decisions help your team support the customer efficiently because they wont be short staffed or wasting time in a support channel that’s not as busy. If you’re not careful this could lead to frustration for the customer and burnout on your team.

Build personalized experiences to level up your team

Customers expect an exceptional customer experience whenever they reach out and your team will be in a better position to provide that kind of experience when they can lean on an infrastructure that supports them.

Make sure your contact center software collects and serves up customer data in such a way that it is easily accessible to every member of the team. The more information your agents have on the customer, the better they’ll be able to support them.

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