8 Ways Call Recordings are the Secret to a Better Customer Experience

by UJET Team


Imagine how much you’d learn if you were a fly on the wall whenever customers talked about your product or service.


It’s impossible to sit in on every customer interaction in real time, but customer service call recordings are the next best thing. They let you listen to how customers interact with your representatives, and they allow you to gather lots of helpful feedback.

But what does gaining that level of insight accomplish?

We’ve put together eight ways you can use these recordings to up your training, boost morale on your team, improve your product or service, and—most importantly—enhance the experience of your customers.

1. Call recordings empower you to improve your product or service


Your customer service team is on the front lines, handling all sorts of conversations with your customers. But because they’re focused on helping customers in real time, it’s not always easy for team members to pull out common threads.

Regularly reviewing call recordings helps you identify challenges and pain points that customers are frequently complaining about. That’s important information to have when you want to introduce new features or products or make adjustments to your customer journey.

customer journey

The Customer Journey

Similarly, you’ll easily identify any requests that are commonly made or compliments that are offered. This data-backed information about what you’re doing well—and where you could improve—is invaluable as you look to the future.

2. Call recordings ensure that you provide a standardized experience


No two customer interactions are the same, your team needs to have a standardized approach for providing solutions, resolving disputes, and handling complaints.

If one customer who received an apology learns that a different customer in the same situation received a full refund, that could potentially turn into a negative experience.

customer service

Having these customer service call recordings gives you the opportunity to review how your team handles specific situations and to take steps to standardize the process when necessary.

3. Call recordings help you refine your customer personas


Building customer personas is an ongoing process—you should be adding to and refining them as more information comes to light.

Your call recordings are a great source of knowledge for refining customer personas.

customer persona customerthink

Example customer persona via CustomerThink

Your marketing team also can review these recordings to gain greater insight into your customer base; doing so gives the entire team a more comprehensive understanding of the customer.

Your team can then tailor messaging for specific customers in a way that matches their needs exactly.

4. Call recordings help you keep detailed records


Is there anything more stressful than being stuck in the middle of a “he said/she said” dispute? Call recordings provide valuable context for managers and supervisors.

By recording your customer calls, you have a complete and exact record of what was discussed during any customer interaction.

working together

If a conflict arises, you can return to those recordings to gain clarity on the issue and, in many cases, use it as evidence to back up your own perspective or actions.

5. Call recordings enhance the training of your customer service team


Your customer service agents are the ones who are interacting directly with your customers, so you need to ensure team members are well-trained. Using call recordings in training materials allows agents to observe real-life scenarios and identify the best ways to handle them.

As part of the training process, you should play calls that were handled flawlessly, as well as ones that could’ve been executed better. Your team will learn a lot from both of those situations.


Having a well-trained service team not only makes your life easier but also improves your customers’ experiences and perceptions of your brand. A survey from Harris Interactive found that customers thought representatives failed to answer questions 50% of the time, so thorough training of your team will help your brand stand out in a positive way.

6. Call recordings help you recognize great work

You have a few tools in your arsenal—such as ratings, reviews and surveys—to help you identify star performers on your customer service team. But call recordings are another great way to discover who is knocking things out of the park.

Recognizing these top performers sets the bar high, gives other team members someone to learn from, and boosts engagement and morale on your team. Most high-performing teams give many more compliments than they do criticisms.

positive to negative feedback hbr

Positive to negative feedback ratios for high-performing teams via HBR

A study from Gallup showed that employees who believed they were adequately recognized for their work were far more motivated and felt valued. Even further, employees who believed that their hard work went unnoticed were twice as likely to quit their jobs in the next year.

7. Call recordings keep track of the necessary details


Reaching out to your contact center should be as efficient and streamlined as possible for your customers. The last thing you want to do is have to get back in touch to ask for any important information that might have been missed or lost during your last conversation.

This is another one of the benefits of call recordings. Your customer service agents can return to the recording to get those important details—whether it’s payment information, an address or something else.

computer desktop

They can accomplish this without having to reach back out to the customer, making for a more comprehensive customer experience

8. Call recordings ensure that your staff stays compliant.


It’s important to ensure that every member of your team is consistently providing an exceptional customer experience. Call recordings act as a reminder that your team is responsible for the customer’s care and information.

team review

That is especially important if your company needs to comply with any market-specific rules or regulations. Best practices need to be upheld during every interaction.

Knowing that there’s a recording that can easily be reviewed gives your staff an added incentive to make sure they’re always providing the best possible customer experience.

Call recordings can be your customer service team’s not-so-secret weapon


At first glance, customer service call recordings might seem unnecessary—like an added step that will only result in audio files that collect metaphorical cobwebs in an untouched folder somewhere.

But if you know how to leverage them appropriately, call recordings can actually mean big things for the team, the customer experience, and the perception of your company as a whole.

Keep these eight compelling benefits in mind and you’ll soon realize that recording your customer service calls is a step that’s well worth taking.

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