Customer Messaging Platform for Text, Webchat, and In-app Chat

Messaging is transforming customer support as a preferred channel. Customers are empowered to communicate in a familiar method like with family and friends. They can explain the issue with explicit details and supply agents with specific information and reduce confusion traditionally associated with voice calls.

UJET’s customer messaging platform supports media sharing with photos, videos, and screen capture. Providing media to agents reduces issue resolution time and helps add important information to customer history.

UJET Messaging

Multichannel Messaging

Communicate with SMS/MMS texting, website chat (with UJET Web SDK), and in-app chat (with UJET Mobile SDK). Don’t worry about which messaging channel your customers come from, the UJET platform works with them all.


Create reports for activity, average handle time, and other important metrics. Automatically create chat transcripts and save to a CRM or WFM/QM solution. Track messaging volume, quality, and status in real-time.

Multiple Languages and Locale Support

Set up support in locations worldwide and provide agents with localized platform instances and local phone numbers. Offer customers menus in 11 languages.

Intelligent Messaging Routing

Create and customize rules to route incoming requests. Add specific or temporary rules to manage priority messaging or deflections.

Messaging Shortcuts

Enable agents to support multiple customers simultaneously with preset messages. Add or customize messages and use shortcuts to quickly select and message customers.


More customers prefer a messaging channel to voice calls for non-urgent issues. Offering this convenient channel allows them to contact through multiple messaging channels and experience the same high-quality support.

Regardless if customers prefer webchat, text through SMS/MMS, or in-app chat, the UJET platform can provide a company-branded experience.


Give agents the ability to help multiple customers simultaneously. Utilize intelligent routing rules with customer data to segment customers to the best agent for the problem. Optimize each interaction with messaging shortcuts so agents can resolve issues faster.

If customers need to send media for confirmation, agents can request those directly to the customer, and they can send photos, videos, and screenshots.


Real-time reporting from the UJET platform gives supervisors actionable data to maintain and improve the customer support experience. With this data, support teams can be optimized with custom routing, queue deflection, messaging management, messaging monitoring and more.

Supervisors can set up CSAT surveys to track customer satisfaction and make changes with messaging logs and transcripts. If a report doesn’t exist by default, custom reports are created easily.