Aberdeen: AI in the Contact Center: Artificial Intelligence Enables Emotional Intelligence

While data has always been at the heart of the contact center, a recent report by Aberdeen uncovered that 78% of contact centers still struggle to use data to achieve their goals.

By incorporating AI capabilities into their contact centers, many businesses are seeing an increase in employee engagement and customer satisfaction through more effective emotional intelligence.

In this report, Aberdeen correlates how key AI capabilities such as machine learning, automation and predictive analytics can detect emotional context within interactions, boost agent engagement, and improve customer satisfaction & loyalty.

Contact centers with AI users and capabilities are seeing:

  • 3.5x greater annual increase in customer satisfaction
  • 3.3x greater annual increase in client retention rates
  • 9.3% YoY increase in agent retention rates
…and are
  • 68% more likely to provide agents with real-time decision-making guidance through the agent desktop
  • 42% more likely to optimize their routing activities to connect the customer to the right agent

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