The ROI of Real-Time Agent Guidance Using AI

AI enables contact center success by proactively managing interactions in real-time. Using technologies such as speech, text, desktop, and journey analytics to capture data, contact centers can use AI capabilities to monitor and analyze customer/agent conversations and provide real-time feedback to ensure timely and effective resolutions.

In this report, Aberdeen highlights how using AI capabilities helps contact centers maximize agent performance, create happy customers, and reduce costs. Key findings show a greater annual increase of:

  • 2.4x in agent productivity (7.4% vs. 3.1%)
  • 3.5x in customer satisfaction rates (10.1% vs. 2.9%)
  • 3.3x in customer retention rate (10.5% vs. 3.2%)
  • 2.3x in first contact resolution rates (6.3% vs. 2.8%)

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