Market Study: Future of Contact Center Employees

Whether they expect it to result in job loss or simply job transformation, most center leaders acknowledge that AI will meaningfully impact employee experiences.

So what can these leaders do to mitigate concern over AI? What can they do to prepare agents and supervisors for their pivot to more complex work? How can they ensure that the rise of automation does not coincide with a loss of humanity and customer-centric culture?

The Future of Contact Center Employees Market Study shares what you need to know to build a team of agents who can make unrivaled customer connections in today’s unprecedented CX landscape.

Topics include:

  • Top opportunities – and mistakes – that will dramatically impact the contact center EX
  • Key skills agents will need to succeed in the era of AI-augmented, personalized, omnichannel engagement
  • Risks, misconceptions, and limitations that are preventing contact center leaders from cultivating the “happy agents” who yield “happy customers”
  • Top supervisor experience goals and challenges for 2024 and beyond

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