2021 Contact Center Innovations: A Preview

What are the most valuable contact center innovations so far in 2020? Where are executives deriving the most return on investment or operational efficiencies?

Join UJET on this wide-ranging roundtable topic and find out what are considered the biggest innovations to hit the contact center this year—and what is coming down the pike in 2021.

On this webcast discover:

  • Key strategies driving contact center technology investments
  • The top five CX modernization trends forecast for 2021
  • How to maximize the productivity of work-from-home employees
  • Which technologies are helping contact centers work smarter
  • How managers can gain the visibility across the workforce
  • How to infuse daily activities with AI to deliver smarter, more adaptive customer service
  • Five contact center myths and why they’re wrong
  • Creating a cloud-based digital foundation to enable seamless, effortless, and consistent experiences

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