Customer Experience Management for Driving B2C Growth

Customer experience management (CEM) platforms will be a crucial growth driver of the business-to-consumer (B2C) sector in the next decade. The market for CEM solutions is estimated to grow 18 percent annually through 2027, with eventual sales hitting $27 billion. This market is hot right now for a reason.

Large consumer B2C companies need data-centric, artificial intelligence-enhanced solutions to drive efficiencies for, and interactions with, their customers.

Join experts on this on-demand webinar as we discuss:

  • How CEM insights can prioritize your business’s next improvement
  • How leading B2C companies use CX to improve KPIs and ROI
  • How to increase lifetime value using digital self -service and AI driven channels
  • How to integrate customer preferences throughout the digital customer journey
  • Why it’s essential to unify customer data across sales, marketing, and support
  • How to enhance customer journeys through app-centricity
  • How an orchestrated journey provides value in real-time for customers
  • How to move beyond mapping to layered intelligence

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