The Evolution of CX

Despite all of the marketing hype, the vast majority of customer journeys and experiences are still fundamentally broken remnants of a bygone era, managed by software designed decades ago for voice-only call centers. Traditional omnichannel strategies are irrelevant for modern, smartphone-centric consumers, who are needlessly forced to switch channels, introducing latency, frustration, and complexity that thwart efforts to improve the customer experience.

Join Brandon Knight, VP of Contact Center at Telarus as he interviews Anand Janefalkar, Founder and CEO of to discuss how tech-forward industries like IoT, On-Demand Delivery, eCommerce, and Home Automation are retooling for this new modality, embedding and blending voice and digital channels to orchestrate and deliver more seamless, contextual, and natural experiences – and why traditional industries like Healthcare and Finance are quickly following suit.