The Omnichannel Support Imperative – Webinar

According to one current survey, 67% of customers use at least three channels, on average, to connect with customer service. Clearly, customers will use the most convenient communication method available to them at any given moment.

If your company struggles to deliver consistent service across channels, learn what UJET and a panel of experts recommend to create a clear, consistent omnichannel support strategy.

On this webcast, we will cover these omnichannel service insights and issues:

  • Key trends in CX across five critical areas in 2021
  • Unifying every interaction–from first engagement to last
  • How to eliminate channel switching for better CX
  • Why agents with the right tools create happier customers
  • How to deliver mobile-enabled predictive and contextual CX
  • Enterprise customer service must catch up to the existing omnichannel standard — the phone

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