Acqueon Engagement

Acqueon Engagement is an omnichannel campaign management solution for UJET. It supports preview, progressive and predictive dialing modes, features an integrated toolkit for compliance, and a ready-to-use agent desktop to maximize productivity.

Solution Overview:

Acqueon Engagement is a comprehensive campaign management and auto-dialer solution natively integrated with UJET. It supports progressive and predictive dialing modes and can execute live-agent and agent-less campaigns. It comes with built-in rules for privacy compliance, meeting TCPA, GDPR, CCPA, and Ofcom regulations. Lists can be uploaded from files or pulled from CRM applications and easily segmented. It adds best-in-class campaign management capabilities to create precise strategies for prioritizing and engaging customers. It leverages statistical and predictive models including Best-Time-To-Call (BTTC) and list penetration. The agent desktop also provides all the necessary tools to maximize agent productivity, access to the customer details, and support blended operations.

Value Proposition:

  • Built-In Dialer – supports predictive, progressive, [preview,] and agentless dialing modes with configurable Call Progress Analysis (CPA) and Answering Machine Detection (AMD)
  • Any channel Communications – lets you engage in 2-way conversations with customers using voice, email, and/or SMS/messaging
  • Contact Data and Segmentation – provides an import utility, pre-built integrations, and APIs to load contacts from multiple sources; powerful campaign optimization using built-in CDP and AI
  • Data Privacy and Compliance – single-button checks activation to conform with privacy regulations including TCPA, GDPR, CCPA, and Ofcom
  • Control and Reporting – control all campaigns’ execution in real-time from a unified dashboard; monitor performance using a comprehensive set of real-time and historical campaign reports