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UJET and Authority - Better Together

UJET customers are already using the world’s most advanced contact center, and now they also have easy access to one of the world’s most advanced WFO platforms – Authority.

We’ve combined Authority’s complete WFO suite, native integrations, and rapid deployment capabilities with UJET’s CX innovations, CRM integrations, unrivaled failover architecture, and advanced reporting capabilities.

With the UJET/Authority integration, you can get a modern CCaaS solution combined with a single source of truth for all your agents’ performance.

Authority Software

Authority Software provides 100% cloud-native workforce optimization solutions that are purpose-built to streamline contact center operations. Authority Center modules, including Quality Recording Manager, Designer, CRM and Workforce Management, are all designed from the ground up and are inherently integrated within the same platform to remove complexity and work together seamlessly.

Why Choose Authority

  • Rapid Deployment - Go live in as little as one day
  • Native Integration - Seamless solutions work with any CCaaS
  • Complete WFO Suite - QRM, WFM, CRM, and Designer in one platform
  • From the Ground Up - Purpose built so it’s never bolted on
  • Domain Expertise - Decades of experience in the contact center industry

Benefits of Using Authority

  • Implementations that can be measured in days
  • Easy to learn and use for rapid agent adoption
  • Improved agent quality and productivity
  • No-code, drag-and-drop tools
  • Real-time access to key data
  • Advanced analytics and reporting

Key Capabilities

Quality Recording Manager

  • Training & Compliance
  • Audio & Video Redaction
  • Perpetual Storage of Recordings
  • Configurable Agent Scorecards


  • Agent Desktop Delivery
  • Branched Logic Scripting
  • Low Code/No Code Rapid Application Development

Workforce Management

  • Demand Forecasting
  • Staff Scheduling


  • HIPAA Compliant
  • Pre-built CRM Vertical Applications
  • Advanced Outbound List Management

Best of Breed - Why use UJET and Authority together

The CX landscape is moving fast and growing all the time. This UJET and Authority alliance means that customers get access to two fully integrated best-of-breed solutions, as opposed to more generic, slow-to-adapt solutions available in the marketplace.

With these two best-of-breed solutions, customers get quicker updates, more advanced options and solutions, and more robust functionality. With UJET and Authority, you know you’ve got the most modern CX solution available in the world, right now, right at your fingertips.

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