UJET Advisor Certification Program

The UJET Advisor Certification Program is a six-session, on-demand sales training. This program will enable you to sell UJET by teaching you how to effectively pitch our solution and providing you with an overview of key concepts like the evolution of the contact center, the competitive CCaaS landscape, and much more.

Who is This Program For?

The Advisor Certification Program is a sales enablement program designed for approved UJET partners who will be establishing new UJET customers. 

Skills You'll Learn:

  • How to position the UJET solution with technical customers to get buy-in and support
  • How to communicate ROI to customers through UJET’s key value drivers 
  • How to deflect and manage customer objections effectively to close business

Program Logistics:

  • 100% self-paced and on-demand 
  • Six sessions + an introduction 
  • Program duration is about 7-9 hours (depending on learner speed)

About the UJET Advisor Certification Program

During six asynchronous sessions, learners will have opportunities to engage with peers, program instructors, and rigorous content that will prepare them to become a UJET advisor.

Learners will complete various assessments in our online learning community, UJET University, including role-playing exercises, objection-handling activities, and sales pitches. The program duration is about 7-9 hours, depending on learner speed.

UJET Advisor Program Benefits

  • Build muscle memory by testing out your UJET pitch and internalize your GTM story with other role-playing exercises
  • Sell more CCaaS through a comprehensive sales enablement program 
  • Understand and internalize UJET’s core capabilities and differentiators 
  • Utilize instructor support and individualized feedback to learn and internalize UJET fundamentals quickly and permanently
  • Receive an official certificate of completion that you can display on your resume, LinkedIn profile, and more

Program Curriculum

  • The Evolution of the Contact Center
  • Uniquely UJET: Our Story
  • Why UJET? What Makes Us Different 
  • UJET: A Quick Introduction to the Platform
  • Understanding and Combating the Competition
  • Opportunities, Objections, and The Big Pitch

Learn more about the Advisor Certification Program curriculum by downloading the syllabus.