Contextual Routing Optimizes the Customer Experience

Knowing when to present the customer with a live agent or provide them with the tools to resolve the issue on their own is the key to maximizing the digital experience.

UJET’s intelligent and contextual routing for Virtual Agents is the first of its kind. Using real-time and historical data based on the customer’s record, their journey, or predicted intent, the UJET routing engine can dynamically determine if routing to a virtual agent or a live agent will provide the best overall outcome.

Flexible Bot Design and Deployment Options

Virtual Agents can be deployed as one or more generalists or specialists to optimize configuration and tuning, or based on the use case and where they are used in the customer journey.

Generalists can support a broader set of inquiries and are best utilized earlier in the customer journey for tasks like inquiring on an order status, bank balance, or inventory levels.

Specialized bots can be designed to solve specific and more complex tasks such as processing a product return, changing a travel reservation or doctor’s appointment, or starting an insurance claim. Specialized bots will learn faster and get better with every conversation as they become exposed to relevant conversational input at scale.

Seamless Transition to Human Agents

Not only is it important for a Virtual Agent to know when to bring in a human agent, but when they do, it’s critical that the customer journey be seamless. When handing off to a human agent, UJET’s Virtual Agent will provide both a transcript of the conversation along with key customer attributes so the agent has the insights and context needed to seamlessly continue where the Virtual Agent left off.

Virtual Agents can also be used for information gathering at the start of every interaction before engaging a human agent to shorten average agent handle times.

“What UJET is bringing to the market with its Virtual Agent solution is not only the modern technology needed to transform experiences, but the operational expertise needed to help ensure businesses are getting the most out of their investment.”

Omer Minkara
Vice President and Principal Analyst
Contact Center and Customer Experience
Management, Aberdeen
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Virtual Agent Transforms the Customer Experience

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