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See how UJET’s Virtual Agent can transform your contact center through modern, scalable, and reliable virtual assistance.

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Virtual Agent

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Proactively Engage

Determine the optimal time to proactively introduce Virtual Agents to customers on your website to optimize conversion, drive revenue growth, and minimize churn.

Increase Operational Efficiency

Deflect more calls, reduce hold times, and mitigate the impact of fluctuations in volume by providing consumers with tools to solve problems on their own and free up agents to focus on more complex issues.

Increase CSAT

Deliver instant and personalized CX any time of day and enable consumers to resolve their most common and frequent issues without waiting for an agent.

Conversational AI for Web-Based Messaging

Discover how UJET’s Virtual Agent delivers more personalized self-service to help scale your business and reduce costs.

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Intelligent Routing

Predictive and Contextual Routing

Use real-time and historical data for contextual awareness and determine if a specialized Virtual Agent or a human agent will yield the best outcome on an individual basis.

Intelligent Routing

Create Generalist or Specialized Bots

Create specialized bots that are well-practiced and proficient in specific tasks or generalists that have a broader understanding and can better navigate uncharted territory.

Handoff to Human Agents

Warm Handoff to Human Agents

If the Virtual Agent introduces an interaction to a human agent, they’re given the full context and high-level summary of the customer’s support journey for more personalized service and quicker resolution.

Strategic Implementation

UJET’s consultative approach works with you to build, train, launch, and continually improve your Virtual Agent and virtual experience.

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Virtual Agent Transforms the
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