Modernize Your CX With
UJET Virtual Agent

Many contact centers are turning to virtual AI tools to augment their agent workforce, manage fluctuating interaction volumes, and automate routine tasks so agents can focus on more complex support issues. However, traditional AI support solutions can feel robotic. As a result they’re often viewed as an unwelcomed roadblock and a point of frustration for the customer.

UJET’s Virtual Agent was designed with a different approach. It supports intelligent conversational AI for a more human-like conversation and can offload a variety of simple or complex tasks traditionally supported by a live agent. It intelligently monitors consumer sentiment and can perform a warm handoff or route directly to an agent when appropriate.

“What UJET is bringing to the market with its Virtual Agent solution is not only the modern technology needed to transform experiences, but the operational expertise needed to help ensure businesses are getting the most out of their investment.”

Omer Minkara
Vice President and Principal Analyst
Contact Center and Customer Experience Management, Aberdeen

Dynamic Routing Based on Customer Data

Knowing when to present the customer with a live agent or provide them with the tools to resolve the issue on their own is key to delivering a positive experience.

UJET’s intelligent and contextual routing for virtual agents is the first of its kind. Using real-time and historical data based on the customer’s record, their journey, or predicted intent, the UJET routing engine can dynamically determine if routing to a virtual agent or a live agent will yield the best overall outcome.

Sentiment Detection

Using a Virtual Agent for either voice or digital channels doesn’t improve CX if the customers arrive unhappy and are frustrated by a Virtual Agent blocking them from getting the help they need.

UJET Virtual Agent understands both consumer intent and sentiment using advanced natural language models. When paired with data from the CRM, the Virtual Agent can provide a more personalized experience while efficiently resolving consumer issues and seamlessly handing off to live agents when appropriate.

Flexible and Customizable

Your business and customers are constantly evolving, and both support and virtual agents need to evolve at the same rate to meet or exceed your customers expectations.

UJET has designed our Virtual Agent with this in mind by allowing you to configure both general or specialized Virtual Agent without any coding – our intuitive interface makes adjustments fast, easy, and in real-time.

General & Specialized Virtual Agents

General Virtual Agents can support a broader set of requests and are best utilized higher up in the customer journey to replace the traditional IVR experience or to perform simple lookup tasks like inquiring on an order status, hours of operation, or inventory levels.

As a customer’s need gets more complex, specialized Virtual Agent prevent overlapping intents by narrowing down the potential scope to clear-cut use cases that can handle specific tasks with multiple steps, like beginning a claim, changing appointments, and processing a return.

Seamless Transition to Human Agents

Not only is it important for a Virtual Agent to know when to bring in a human agent, but when they do, it’s critical that customer information and context from the customer’s journey is provided to the agent so the customer never has to repeat themselves and the call can progress seamlessly for a more personalized service and quicker resolution.

Virtual Agents can also be used for information gathering at the start of every interaction to collect identity verification, account number, even photos or videos of issues before engaging a human agent to shorten the average handle times and improve the customers experience.