A Discussion with UJET’s Chief Business Officer Vasili Triant

by UJET Team

Vasili triantWe’re thrilled to welcome Vasili Triant to UJET as our Chief Business Officer. Vasili joins UJET with more than two decades of experience in the contact center, unified communications (UC), telecom, and SaaS industries.

Vasili has held key leadership positions at companies such as Serenova, Shoretel, and Cisco, where as General Manager and Vice President of Cisco’s global contact center business he was responsible for transitioning Cisco’s business into the cloud.

Vasili recently answered a few questions so our customers and the public can get to know the newest member of the UJET leadership team.

Tell us a bit about yourself?

I am extremely passionate about customer service and have been in the space for a while leading mostly sales teams and have had stints in running product and engineering. I live in Austin, TX with my wife and eight kids.

What excites you about this opportunity at UJET?

Through my years in customer service, I’ve had countless discussions and seen numerous strategies on how to meet and exceed business goals around customer experience improvements.

I have seen that some elements always fall short in the market, many just assume these things are a given and will just be a part of it, and other items appear to be a pipe dream unless you completely rewrite the code.

What I have seen in UJET is a completely different experience delivered to customers because of one simple fact – the product was built emphasizing user experience.

Things like administration are thought of from a completely different angle, security is by far more stringent than any product on the market. Scale and reliability are not fancy numbers or empty promises – rather a core principle defined by customer happiness.

CRM integrations are unique, far-reaching, and deliver on what customers have asked for years. You would have to see it to believe it. And lastly, the mobile-first experience is what people want and where customer support is going. This is our flagship experience and one every brand should explore.

You’ve witnessed first-hand, over the course of your career, the growth and evolution of contact centers. What excites you about where the industry currently is and where it is going?

Whether it is streamlining operations, being able to more rapidly access new and emerging technologies, or being able to quickly and safely allow support teams to work remotely, the world is rapidly seeing the types of experiences that only cloud technologies can deliver.

It’s an exciting time in contact centers because by simply moving into the cloud, there is such a huge opportunity for companies to create new and exciting experiences for their customers.

How would you best describe the culture at UJET?

It’s a family with a passion for each and every person in the business. Everyone here is about exceeding customer expectation without the need to chest beat and claim they won or they did it.

People at UJET are in this business for each other and our customers. It’s unique and a breath of fresh air because the politics are absent and relationships are surfaced everywhere.

Given our current climate, what are some remote work hacks that you can share?

Everyone is working remotely, people are human and your kids, spouse, and dogs are all around – it’s a part of life and allowing it to surface when it does while working remote builds an extra connection with people.

Instead of apologizing if your kids barge in on you, or your spouse walks behind the video screen – embrace it and invite them to introduce themselves. It will enhance relationships and bring a human element to your remote work environment that everyone wants but few are open to being the first to do it.

I have done this for years and it has always been a positive experience for all – and it makes your family happier to be a part (even such a small one) of your work days.

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