9 Benefits of Customer Service Chat Software

by UJET Team

When it comes to communicating with customers, live chat is where it’s at. 

AI-powered customer service chat software has secured its place in the customer service arsenal of brands across the world, and with good reason. It’s a great way to increase conversion, make the customer support experience more seamless, and empower agents to go above and beyond with their customer care.  

If you’re not already augmenting your support strategy with customer service chat software, here are some compelling benefits to doing so:

  • Instant responses
  • 24/7 customer service
  • Automation
  • Saves time and money
  • Increased customer engagement 
  • Lead generation
  • Consistency
  • Multilingual service
  • Valuable customer insights

Top Benefits of Customer Service Chat Software

Instant responses

Customer service chat software handles thousands of customer queries simultaneously, and through it, customers can get instant responses to their questions. That can dramatically improve your response times, particularly during periods that you typically experience high call volume.

24/7 customer service 

Non-stop service, while convenient for customers, is an unrealistic ask for most businesses, particularly those with limited staffing. Chat boxes can be a great solution.

With customer service chat software, even if it’s after hours, customers can get automated customer support and answers to their basic questions. More complex issues can be ticketed and your customer informed that your team will respond at the next available opportunity. This makes your customer support more accessible and eliminates much of the friction that exists when customers have to wait for resolutions. 


Many hear the word “automation” and shudder in fear at the idea of their jobs being replaced by machines. You shouldn’t consider customer service chat software to be a replacement for your human agents, but rather a way to compliment the work your live agents are already doing and make their jobs easier so they can better assist your customers.

Customer service chat software blends automation and human touch in a way that allows customers to self-serve to find answers to simple questions and reach out to an agent via CRM live chat when they need to. In this way, it’s empowering to users and to agents, who can devote their focus to more meaningful interactions. 

customer service agent

Saves time and money 

Think about the most common questions your customer service agents get asked by customers in a day. They probably include:

  • What are your hours? 
  • How long does it take to ship a package? 
  • Where is my order? 
  • How do I return my product? 

These questions may have simple answers, but when every customer is calling into your business at the same time to ask them, it can drain the time your representatives have to provide quality, personalized customer service. Your customer service instead becomes tedious and time consuming when it doesn’t have to be. 

Customer service chat software gives customers an alternative to calling into a business for answers. Chat boxes automate solutions for customers, making workflow simpler and improving the bandwidth of your customer service representatives.

Because chat software can offload a lot of the work that would otherwise tie up your customer servant agents, it can save your business money when it comes to training, hiring more support, and infrastructure.  

Increased customer engagement 

Successful brands have very engaged customers who they’re able to build real relationships with. CRM live chat can juice up your customer engagement by providing clients with multiple touch points along the buying funnel and an easy interface to interact with your reps. 

The more opportunities customers have to engage with your reps in meaningful ways, the more opportunities they have to build a real relationship with your brand, and the less likely they are to leave your site to find similar services elsewhere.

Lead generation

CRM live chats can motivate customers to make quick decisions by asking them relevant questions and leading them to the appropriate sales agent for support. When relationships are built and customers are empowered with more knowledge about a product, conversions increase. 


Different reps, particularly different reps with different levels of experience, can sometimes provide customers with inconsistent answers about company policies, products, or procedures. Chat boxes are a great way to standardized responses to commonly asked questions so that those answers stay consistent and customers continue to trust your brand.  

Multilingual service

Your customer service agents may not be able to speak another language, but the right customer service chat software can. AI chats can be programmed to provide multilingual service to your customers, thereby expanding your brand’s reach and audience.

Valuable customer insights

Chat software makes your interactions with customers easier. It also gives you the insight you need to provide stellar customer support beyond the chat. 

Intelligent chat software monitors and analyzes consumer behavior, giving you access to your customers’ buying patterns and personal information they’ve provided. With this data, you can really personalize your customer care in addition to things like your marketing and product design. 

Instant feedback is another really valuable component to CRM live chats. By allowing customers to share how their experience went in-chat, you can identify pain points in your service right as customers are experiencing them. That way you can improve your service more quickly. 

Upgrade your customer experience with customer service chat software

Consider customer service chat software one more strut in the scaffolding of your customer experience—the more channels you have to respond to your customers, the stronger and more helpful your support will be for them. With AI-powered chat boxes, you can meet customers wherever and whenever they may be in the conversion funnel, directly on your website or on your social platforms. 

Intelligent chat software is a powerful way to streamline your workflow, keep your customers happy, and empower your customer care representatives to provide exceptional service. With AI chat software like UJET, you can revolutionize the way you do business and choose from customizable packages that best fit what your business needs and can adapt as your business grows.

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