Introducing the UJET SMS Adapter

by UJET Team


The move towards Contact Centers as a Service (CCaaS) and cloud-based systems mean that solutions don’t have to try and be a one-size-fits-all platform. However, since a full contact center rip-and-replace is not only time consuming, but expensive, many customer support organizations are still using more traditional contact center platforms. These systems rely on voice and IVR as the main forms of communication. Through these systems, customers call in, wait on hold, or go through a confusing IVR tree, before being connected to an agent.

The agent then has to have customers verbally explain the issue and contextually understand it in order to resolve the problem. If the agent misses a critical detail, this could cause a delay or frustrate the customer.



In order to gain more context, these systems evolved, allowing agents to request customers to take a photo, screenshot, or video and email it to the agent, but this requires closing the support call, gathering the necessary information, emailing, and then attempting to reconnect and hoping the same agent is still available. This is a time-consuming process and adds to resolution times.

The UJET SMS Adapter enables enterprise-level call centers to begin leveraging smartphone capabilities without going through the long process of a full contact center rip-and-replace. The addition of the UJET SMS Adapter can be quickly integrated with your existing CRM and empower agents to get issue context quickly and decrease issue resolution times.

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Agents and Supervisors

  • Enhance the conversation by requesting photos, videos, screenshots, or texts to immediately understand a customer issue.
  • Direct Salesforce integration makes it easy for agents to manage interactions and CRM tasks.

The UJET SMS Adapter requires zero adjustments to the current contact center platform. This allows for rapid implementation, onboarding, and rollout.


  • Instead of long explanations, customers can leverage channels and technology they are familiar with and comfortable with like photos, videos, text, and more.
  • Continue support interactions in real-time without disrupting the support conversation.

The UJET SMS Adapter will quickly and easily illustrate the value of digital transformation and improving the customer experience with smartphone functionality.

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