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Noon Home defines the future of the home and future proofs customer support experience with UJET.

Less than half a day

to get customer support agents in the system

Now automatically routes calls based on customized defined rules

Optimized operational flexibility


Noon Home is committed to defining the future of the home through thoughtful and beautiful experiences that empower the well-being of people in their homes.

Established in 2014, in Los Angeles, California, Noon Home offers an elegant coordinated lighting system solution that is simple to set up, intuitive to use, exhilarating to experience and seamlessly integrated with popular voice control platforms, like Amazon Alexa and Google Assistant.

Noon Home addresses multiple market segments, including homeowners, electrical contractors, builders, and designers so it has to provide different types of service and support from its remote agent call center environment.

Noon Home subscribes to the notion that a great customer support experience is an integral part of its offering and an essential part of its strategy.

Our call center agents are remote and we have a small central team. It’s important to have the culture and tools that empower agents to provide best in breed support.

Fadi ElTal, Head Of Customer Support, Noon Home


Upon launch, Noon Home focused directly on end users, and tailored its support experience accordingly, leveraging a more traditional tiered support model.

The company expanded to include the professional market as well, and the approach to support evolved into a hybrid model, encompassing both tiered as well as a customer success model, with dedicated support for both pro clients and homeowners alike.

To support this diverse and growing customer base via a remote team, it was essential that Noon Home’s call center solution was intuitive and easy to use. As a startup brand that prides itself on providing a superior customer experience, Noon Home has a high expectation of great support from its own partners.

But many of the potential vendors they looked at appeared to be more focused on the scale of the solution, rather than quality of support.


Noon Home chose UJET primarily because of its superior multichannel capabilities. With integrated voice and chat products, the Noon Home call center can use the same team of talented individuals across multiple channels and customer segments seamlessly.

Managers can see a snapshot of what’s going on with queues and agents, and leverage easy-to-use controls to make adjustments in real-time. Noon Home also is looking to integrate UJET’s mobile SDK for a customized in-app support experience.

Each in-app interaction will be visible to the support agent, providing an added layer of context to each customer support experience.

“UJET provides phenomenal support and their partner success experience is invaluable. They’re flexible and willing to listen to product feedback and feature requests.”

Fadi ElTal, Head Of Customer Support, Noon Home


Noon Home is now able to route calls and chats to agents automatically based on rules defined by the call center management team. This provides tremendous operational flexibility and enhances the remote team’s tactical effectiveness.

It did not take long for Noon Home to get this essential multichannel capability set up, and less than half a day to get customer support agents into the system.

Now it doesn’t matter if a lighting contractor calls looking to buy in bulk or a consumer wants to chat live about setting their Noon lighting system into vacation mode, the interaction will always be routed to the right agent the first time.

Simple changes to voice scripts that run through call center telephony can be accomplished in a matter of minutes by frontline managers, and UJET’s built-in tools let the Quality Assurance team monitor calls and chats in real-time, and provide instant feedback.

“Agents get to interact with customers distraction-free, the entire team is focused on providing a beautiful customer support experience, and we are able to do it all with a small, remote and highly tactical team.”

Fadi ElTal, Head Of Customer Support, Noon Home


The total solution UJET provides is ideal for Noon Home’s remote agent environment, flexible enough to service each unique market segment across multiple channels, and scalable to grow with the company as client needs change and new communications channels surface

Less than half a day

to get customer support agents in the system

Now automatically routes calls based on customized defined rules

Optimized operational flexibility

Take your customer support into the digital age with UJET. Let us show you how!

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