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The customer experience starts from the first interaction, but doesn’t end after purchase. Customer relationships continue with customer support. It’s important that customers receive a positive experience from any touchpoint, but it’s paramount when they have problems.

UJET partners with e-commerce brands to proactively offer solutions and optimize the entire customer support experience. Instead of customers wasting time looking for an answer, the UJET platform’s customization options and CRM integration resolves issues through self-service, omnichannel support, and real-time support optimization.

Offer your customers the convenience they want and increase brand loyalty.

All-In-One Cloud Contact Center Solution

Preferred Support Channels

Retail customer support has historically used voice, but e-commerce need to take advantage of other channels. Messaging (text, webchat, in-app chat) offers a clear communication channel preferred by customers.

Native mobile app support collects useful customer data that can be used for cross-company strategy. Self-service solutions, like a FAQ or a Knowledge Base, can address simple issues and let agents focus on urgent issues or VIP customers.

Native Brand App Experience

Create a fully immersive brand experience through your app. Customers see your brand from start to finish, even during a support conversation. The UJET Mobile SDK integrates with your app and enables support agents to manage multiple channels through a single browser tab.

Visual IVR direct customers to relevant queues allowing them to choose how to contact support. Make a call or use the call back option. Use chat and share media with the agent. Create self-service articles to address the most common issues. All with UJET.

Utilize Mobile Device Features

Improve support through media sharing, with photos, videos, and screen captures, to agents in real-time. Verify customers through fingerprint authentication and facial recognition through Android and iOS devices.

For more nuanced communication, customers can send messages to agents. Email addresses, mailing addresses, and telephone numbers benefit from text to reduce communication misinformation.

CRM and WFM/QM Integrations

The UJET platform integrates out-of-the-box with Salesforce, Zendesk, Microsoft Dynamics, and Kustomer CRMs.

Turnkey integrations with Verint Monet WFM and QM solutions ensure strategic and data-driven management decisions are discovered and implemented.

Cloud-native, Secure Platform

UJET has received attestations of compliance for the SOC 1 Type 2, SOC 2 Type 2, and SOC 3 frameworks and the HIPAA and FINRA regulations. UJET is also self-certified for EU-US and Swiss-US Privacy Shield and compliant with EU GDPR. Additionally, UJET has received certification for the ISO 27001 and 27018 and PCI DSS standards. UJET’s company-wide data minimalization rules ensure your customer data is stored in your systems.

Customer Case Studies


Focused on providing a support experience based on customer convenience, Dia&Co wanted an IVR voice solution for its support foundation. Combined with real-time reporting, Dia&Co can strategize for its entire support organization and drive product innovation. UJET’s voice and IVR solution helped Dia&Co experience CSAT scores in the 90s and save 28% in operational costs.

“We were sold on UJET’s product vision, especially the mobile SDK” – Lauren Collins, Senior Manager of Customer Experience, Dia&Co

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The Farmer's Dog

The UJET platform offered high-quality voice calls and features like call transfers, call recordings, and whisper calls to The Farmer’s Dog. Customized IVR routed customers to agents more efficiently. Total resolution time improved from a 20-minute average to a 5-minute average. First call resolution increased by 50%.

“UJET allows my team to take matters into their own hands – every agent feels more empowered and capable of handling a customer’s questions or issues.” – Molly Garraway, Senior Manager of Customer Experience, The Farmer’s Dog

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