On-demand Delivery

On-demand companies have two customer groups who need support: consumers and gig workers. Time-sensitive and high-priority issues require proactive solutions. Instead of a general queue, optimize support with self-service options, intelligent queue routing, and Direct Access Points to manage incoming requests.

According to UJET’s U.S. fall 2019 survey, 61% of customers use a mobile device for support and 48% use in-app messaging to communicate with an agent for on-demand delivery services. Support for this industry is mobile-focused and requires real-time communication solutions.

Mobile-first Customer Experience

Cloud-native, Secure Platform

UJET has received attestations of compliance for the SOC 1 Type 2, SOC 2 Type 2, and SOC 3 frameworks and the HIPAA and FINRA regulations. UJET is also self-certified for EU-US and Swiss-US Privacy Shield and compliant with EU GDPR. Additionally, UJET has received certification for the ISO 27001 and 27018 and PCI DSS standards. UJET’s company-wide data minimalization rules ensure your customer data is stored in your systems.

Real-time Customization

Optimize the customer experience with self-service solutions, intelligent routing, and queue customizations that are all managed by your support organization.

Changes in the platform are pushed instantly into the customer experience without any refreshing or reloading necessary. The UJET Mobile SDK also allows customizations to be updated into the app without requiring a new version download.

Data Reporting

Gather useful customer data by keeping customers in your mobile app. Each in-app support interaction offers device information, app diagnostics, and other desired information outside of the direct support experience.

Use high-quality data reporting to strategically solve support issues and produce strategies to refine the customer support experience across all channels.

Onmichannel Support

Mobile customers have a lot of channel options with smartphones. Focus on the channels that your customers prefer to use. Improve the voice experience with media sharing and text, allow agents to request information before accepting an issue, and include customers to speed up issue resolution.

The UJET platform supports voice, messaging (SMS/MMS, website chat), and mobile (VoIP, in-app chat) channels.

Native Brand Experience

Reduce customer confusion with a native brand experience. The UJET Mobile SDK integrates with your mobile app to help agents provide a branded customer experience.

Customers only see your brand while the UJET platform works behind the scenes. They won’t ever know.

Worried about compatibility? The Mobile SDK supports iOS 9.0 and above and Android 4.4 and above.

Customer Case Studies


Instacart had a goal to offer an entire shopping and support experience on mobile. With in-app voice and chat, over 100,000 Shoppers are supported by over 1,000 agents across North America. A 23% SLA improvement on in-app chat and 18% SLA improvement on in-app voice and a 30% handle time reduction while maintaining a high CSAT.

“UJET shares our commitment to ensuring that support issues are being resolved with minimal touchpoints and in record time.” – Kevin Henrikson, VP of Engineering

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Cleanly discovered that legacy platforms were the solution to keep up with growing business. Recognizing chat as a preferred channel with voice and IVR, all three channels combined with the UJET platform helped Cleanly scale for mobile-focused customers. Call times were reduced by up to 11 minutes with a 13% increase in customer satisfaction through queue prioritization and support optimization.

“All the features and customizations of the UJET platform helped us become more responsive to our customer’s needs.” – Torva Williams, Customer Success Manager

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As a mobile-only on-demand service, it was essential for Wag! to offer an entire customer experience through its app. The UJET Mobile SDK provided the backbone for the support experience. Voice, IVR, and messaging give customers the choice of how they want to reach out to Wag! Average wait time decreased by 50% and call abandonment decrease by 7%.

UJET provides Wag! with mobile-only consumer experience supported by native in-app customer support for Android and iOS through a lean mobile SDK.

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