Ultra-Modern Enterprise Cloud

Welcome to the world’s most secure, scalable, and resilient cloud contact center

Global Scale

Legacy Call Center solutions have been limited by their ability to support more than a few thousand agents, or resource pools outside of North America and Western Europe. Customers of UJET’s ultra-modern CCaaS 3.0 platform have scaled to tens of thousands of agents as needed, proving the platform’s ability to support seasonal demand of the world’s largest multinational Contact Centers.


UJET never stores personally identifiable information and emphasizes data minimization to help our customers to meet the challenges of global data privacy and security laws. We offer the flexibility to choose where your data is stored, minimizing your security risk, storage costs, and time spent accessing the data you need.

Multi-Provider Voice Resiliency

UJET’s global voice platform provides a localized voice experience for your customers around the world. Rather than routing voice calls back to data centers in North America, all call media on the UJET platform is kept in the region using global low latency routing algorithms to provide superior call quality with zero latency.

Multi-Cloud Deployment

UJET can be deployed across leading public cloud infrastructure-as-a-service providers to maximize resiliency, cost savings, and global reach. Microservices and containerization let you consolidate and centralize your contact center instance alongside other technology investments, or diversify and deploy based on geographic reach and service availability.

“The softphone services are smooth and easy to use. I have used other types of softphones but none have come close to how easy it is to use UJET.”

Michelle M