CX Intercloud

The Contact Center Industry’s First Cloud-to-Cloud Failover Solution

Simultaneous Configuration Across AWS and GCP delivers unprecedented resiliency, business continuity, and disaster recovery readiness, with a 100% uptime guarantee.

Mission-Critical, Multicloud Redundancy

CX Intercloud gives companies:

  • Unparalleled Uptime & Reliability: No CX competitor currently delivers true 100% uptime without contractual exceptions for maintenance.
  • Total Multicloud Redundancy: Next-gen multicloud architecture and dynamic service mesh provide redundancy not only within regions and zones, but also across separate cloud providers. 
  • Guaranteed Peace of Mind: In the event of an outage, failover is seamless - including live call/chat/SMS session continuity, with no disruption to customer or agent.

Many CX vendors tout their uptime statistics - but those statistics are often carefully selected and crafted to exclude maintenance downtime, non-datacenter downtime, and more.  The result is that the user-perceived uptime often doesn’t approach the promised figures, and financial compensation per the SLA is negligible relative to the real business cost of outages.

CX Intercloud isn’t just contractual - it rolls over all live interactions in the event of an outage. CX Intercloud covers not only agent connectivity, but also key supporting AI-powered technologies like Agent Assist and Virtual Agent

The product enables customers to have their UJET instance pre-deployed across multiple cloud platforms. Each cloud instance individually contains UJET’s three standard availability zones within region and one cross region; but furthermore supports cross-cloud operation on Google Cloud Platform (GCP) and Amazon Web Services (AWS).  Each cloud instance is independently scaled to support 100% of customer interaction volume, with automatic distribution to the remaining stacks if one becomes partially or entirely unavailable.

There are no maintenance exceptions in the CX Intercloud guarantee.  Some competitors offer 100% uptime guarantees; only UJET can deliver on that promise. 

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CX Intercloud Solution Architecture

Diagram showing UJET's solution architecture running across separate cloud providers, providing load-balancing and failover for unparalleled reliability, resiliency, and disaster recovery readiness.

Frequently Asked Questions

What is CX Intercloud?

CX Intercloud is a Contact Center-specific, industry-leading resiliency structure. It maximizes your Agent and AI uptime while avoiding unwanted interruptions to your customer sales and service operations.

How can CX Intercloud enhance my customer experience?

With CX Intercloud, we configure your UJET instance to operate across six stacks - running Active/Active/Active on multiple public clouds - and across multiple regions within each public cloud. Each stack is scaled to support 100% of the customer interaction volume. If any stack goes down or is unreachable, the interactions are distributed to the remaining operational stacks to provide a consistently reliable customer experience.

How much does CX Intercloud cost?

Pricing depends on License Level and Add-Ons. Please contact Sales for more information.

Is fail-over automatic?

Yes, if a stack goes down or is unreachable, one of the other stacks will automatically take over supporting the interaction. The UJET softphone would continue handling the interaction with no impact to either the customer or agent.

What happens to my voice call if a stack crashes or is unreachable?

The voice call between your customer and your agent will continue with no noticeable impact.

Why should we consider purchasing CX Intercloud?

Region-wide Public Cloud outages by multiple providers highlight the risk of trusting your business-critical CCaaS operations to a single Public Cloud. UJET CX Intercloud mitigates this risk and maximizes your CCaaS uptime by operating simultaneously across multiple Public Clouds.

Your agents would continue to use UJET normally, and as long as at least one stack was operational, would not experience any downtime.

Leave Downtime Behind with CX Intercloud from UJET

Deliver unmatched Contact Center reliability and enjoy peace of mind for yourself, your team, and your customers. CX Intercloud allows you to bypass the unnecessary risk of public cloud outages, and position yourself for stable, sustainable growth. To learn more about CX Intercloud, use the form below to contact UJET.

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