How to Choose the Best Cloud Call Center Software For Your Business

by Arianna Rees
best cloud call center software

Think about a company you’ve had a really great support experience with recently. Now think about why. Chances are this company has cloud call center software that enabled them to quickly answer your questions, offer great support, and go above and beyond to provide a solution for your problem. 

The reality is that great customer experiences often live or die with the quality of your customer support. Customers know that better than anyone. A 2020 Salesforce survey found that 79% of consumers believe that the experience a company provides is as important as its products and services. When it’s good, your customer support can earn you loyal customers for life. When it’s bad…well, you get the picture. 

Not only do you need to provide customers with exceptional experiences that build their trust in your brand, but in the digital age, your customer support should be as accessible as possible so you don’t lose those customers to your competition. With intelligent cloud call center software, you can. 

What is cloud call center software?

Cloud call center software is virtual call center software that expands the number of communication options through which customers can reach you. It allows your business to communicate with customers from a single interface across multiple channels, including inbound and outbound phone calls, SMS, video, live chat, social media communication, and more.

Cloud call centers work entirely over the internet, using visual IVR and AI-driven routing to personalize the support experience for your consumers. In this way, it’s targeted, effective, and informative in ways that other help desk programs and call center services are not.

How is cloud call center different from other call center softwares?

In the olden days of customer service (let’s be real, they weren’t that long ago), customers would need to physically visit or call into your company during operating hours to get support and resolve issues. Often, they’d be given the runaround when the agent answering their call didn’t have the expertise or knowledge to answer their questions. Maybe they’d have an urgent, easily solvable question after hours, but no one available to field it to. In that way, traditional call centers have not been the most effective means of addressing problems, ultimately creating more frustration for consumers and agents alike. 

Cloud call centers provide a solution to those problems. Through virtual call center software, customers can not only access support from your company 24/7 with minimal wait time, including automated solutions after hours, but their questions can immediately get rerouted to the right agent with the right expertise to handle their request. 

How can cloud call center software improve my customer experience?

The most successful brands in the world are diversifying their sales channels or services and distributing products through online marketplaces, brick and mortar stores, B2C and B2B websites, and social media. It’s a proven way to grow business. The more you diversify your sales channels, however, the harder it is to keep up with customer questions, comments, and tickets, especially if you’re a small business. 

If you plan on selling products or offering services over a social media platform in addition to your website, for example, you’ll need to be prepared to address customer questions via social media DMs in addition to customer questions that come in through your website and other channels. Many small teams simply don’t have the bandwidth or manpower to manage customer support across every channel.   

Cloud call centers tackle that work for you, which makes your job easier, the customer experience more seamless, and growing your business a much faster process.

Cloud call center software allows you to take a more strategic approach to your customer support, like accessing CRM records of all of a customer’s past interactions with your brand as well as device metadata so that you’re equipped to address any issue they might have throughout the buyer or user journey. Having more information about each customer you interact with not only improves the support experience, but it also makes resolutions quicker and more effective.

The best cloud call center software also enables agents to do things like authenticate callers using face ID or fingerprints, allow callers to share photos and video with an agent in real-time, reduce time spent on after-call tasks via automation, and collect customer feedback right away, all of which enable you to further improve your customer experience. 

What are the financial benefits of using virtual call center software?

Quick and effective customer service is critical for the success of your business. Three in four customers switch to a competitor after a bad experience and $100 billion is lost annually because of bad customer service. That’s a lot of lost revenue that doesn’t have to be. 

If you don’t have the manpower or bandwidth to improve your customer service, and even if you do, having the right tools is critical. Cloud call center software puts those tools in your hands, helping to improve your relationships with existing customers and attract new ones who can feel confident they’ll have support at every step of the customer journey. 

How to choose the right cloud call center software for your business

There’s a plethora of cloud call center software available on the market, but there are many that only address parts of the customer service journey, fragmenting the experience for your agents and buyers. You might purchase one package and find that it doesn’t serve all the needs of your business, so how do you know which software is best? 

First, make a list of all of the capabilities your customer service team need to provide effective support, and then compare your list of must-have features against the capabilities of each platform you're considering. Then, consider how this new platform will work with the tech stack you already have.

When choosing the right cloud call center software for your business, you ideally should choose software that integrates naturally within your website or app and consolidates the entire customer service journey into an easy-to-use interface without losing context. That’s where UJET shines. 

UJET’s cloud call center software allows businesses to access customer data no matter where it’s coming from—phone calls, SMS, social media—as well as switch between channels during a conversation without forcing customers to repeat themselves. UJET is the only cloud contact platform that can guarantee 100% uptime, which is critical for industries like healthcare, and it consistently outpaces other software on the market in ease of setup, ease of use, and quality of support. 

Through UJET, you can choose a full contact center migration, or create a custom contact center package that gives you a taste of what your business is capable of with virtual call center software. It also allows you to explore what resources your company needs before you commit to a full integration. If you’re just curious about how to transform your digital business, you can also download UJET’s free Digital Transformation Road Map before committing to a plan. 

Learn how UJET can help you level up your customer service experience and explore pricing options.

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