Genesys Customers: Get TRUE Multicloud Flexibility & Innovation with G2’s #1 Rated Contact Center

PureConnect and Multicloud CX are discontinued. Now What?

  • Genesys will no longer support Multicloud CX and PureConnect, leaving customers with no choice but to migrate.
  • Genesys Cloud CX runs on AWS only, limiting both the resiliency and future portability of your cloud contact center. 
  • Genesys’ ability to continue handling large, complex CX deployments is now in question - which is why customers are switching to UJET and Google Cloud.

To help you streamline and accelerate migration plans, UJET is pleased to offer you an ROI-based, zero-cost business case.

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User Satisfaction, Future-Proofing, Multi-Cloud Flexibility - with UJET

The chart shows UJET Ranks Against Genesys Cloud CX. UJET ranks #1 on ease of setup, quality of support, ease of doing business with, meets requirements, and ease of use.

With the announcements around Multicloud CX and PureConnect, there will be only a single cloud option - meaning forced migrations. 

That’s why UJET is offering a ZERO-COST pre-migration assessment to all Genesys customers.  

Included in the assessment: 

  • A business case assessment and cost-benefit analysis for moving from Genesys
  • A complete catalog of your current state and capabilities
  • An in-depth gap analysis of your current vs. desired future state, 
  • A phased roadmap and blueprint for migrating off of Genesys to achieve that future state, and
  • An optional pre-migration CX platform Clarity Analysis from our partner Blackchair to gain valuable insights before you make the switch.

With this assessment and toolkit, you'll be able to rapidly accelerate requirements gathering and vendor evaluations.  Begin your Genesys migration on your terms, rather than waiting for another announcement of EOL, further cuts, forced migrations, or product limitations.

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Comparison Report: UJET vs. Genesys Cloud CX

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Frequently Asked Questions

The Genesys to UJET migration business case assessment is offered at no cost for qualified prospective customers.

Depending on customer participation and available information, the process would take an estimated four weeks on average. Some cases may require more or less time.

  • A defined Contact Center vision, to include future targeted capabilities
  • Catalog of current state capabilities and technologies
  • Gap analysis between vision and current state
  • Roadmap to take customer from current state to vision
  • Business case detailing required investment and expected return

Clarity Analysis is an automated discovery service that analyzes your current CX platform to document what configuration is relevant, redundant, unused, or unusable. This will help give you a roadmap of what should or shouldn't be moved into UJET. We also analyze usage data and change data to understand areas that can be transformed when moving to UJET.

UJET is offering this pre-migration analysis as part of a defined process for qualified customers interested in making the switch from Genesys to UJET. The Clarity Analysis:

  • Can be utilized for existing cloud or premise-based contact centers
  • Automates the cataloging of the Customer’s Avaya for forensic analysis
  • Audits change continuously over the four weeks to study behavior
  • Documents what's relevant to the customer’s current Avaya solution

This accelerates the CX migration to UJET with a fact-based, data-driven approach.

Learn more about the Blackchair Clarity Analysis here.