UJET Integrates Identity Management Solutions Okta, OneLogin, and Microsoft ADFS Into its Cloud Contact Center Platform

SAN FRANCISCO, CA – May 27, 2020 – UJET Inc., a leading provider of cloud customer support solutions, today announced its integration into leading Identity Management providers, Okta, OneLogin, and Microsoft ADFS.

These integrations allow support teams and business leaders to leverage best-in-class enterprise login authentication for all users of the UJET Admin Portal and agent adapters. With the addition of leading Identity Management solutions, UJET customers better protect the identities of their workers and customers while enabling secure authentication across all devices and locations.

“Whether your workforce is remote or on-premise, contact centers of all sizes in all industries must have a strong foundation that’s based on data protection, identity management, user authentication, and encryption,” said Joerg Habermeier, Vice President of Product, UJET. “UJET’s Identity Management integrations ensure that support teams have the right tools to enable their workforce to access work applications seamlessly and securely.”

In addition to the new integrations, UJET offers dedicated integrations via OpenID Connect that enable user authentication and SSO (Single Sign-On) into any Federated Identity Management service via SAML (Security Assertion Markup Language). Current identity management services and solutions include:

  • Workforce Identity Single Sign-On (SSO) Solution – Customer support supervisors, administrators, and support agents can now increase their productivity while supporting their companies’ user authentication and security protocols. SSO enables users to access multiple web applications at once, using one set of credentials. This supports the effort by many companies to simplify the authentication process for users across multiple applications and platforms, while making it more secure at the same time. Users can gain access across the tools and applications via Single Sign-On (SSO) and, depending on configuration, from any endpoint such as a desktop, laptop, tablet, and more from office or remote location. This integration makes it easier for UJET customers to enable a remote workforce without compromising on industry standard and well-defined user authentication protocols.
  • User Authentication via Federated Identity Management (FIM) Service – Using SAML or OpenID Connect, UJET’s Identity Management integrations let users easily and securely authenticate via their company’s centralized Federated Identity Management (FIM) service. In a FIM platform, the responsibility of reviewing and authenticating user credentials from any connected application or platform lies with a single Identity Provider or Management service, not with the applications themselves. Ensuring that all access into a company’s ecosystem of applications is routed through a centralized authentication system reflects a core, best practice approach of the Identity Management industry.

“Protecting their employee and customer identity and data is of utmost importance for contact centers across all industries and borders, particularly as more contact center agents work remotely,” said Zeus Kerravala, Founder and Principal Analyst for ZK Research. “These new integrations, as well as their previous security and privacy certifications, reinforce UJET’s commitment to ensuring their customers can seamlessly secure corporate applications and the identities of workers and customers.” 

Earlier this year, UJET continued its commitment to securing support teams and customer data by achieving numerous security and privacy regulations. This latest round of certifications, which included SOC 1 Type 2, SOC 3, PCI DSS, FINRA, and more, highlights UJET’s dedication to making data protection a cornerstone of its business while helping customers ensure the protection of corporate and user data while in transit and at rest.

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